Glitter is a highly developed brand, owned by the foreign nationals and has been registered in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). We are one of a leading professional digital advertising equipment manufacturer and trading in Beijing China for more than a decade. We are committed with the famous print head manufacturers abroad and kept on developing and searching newest technology and latest quality printer equipment which is recognized globally. We also maintain the originality and quality of our products and digital advertising equipments,hence why we are consistently growing and expanding in different countries. Glitter International Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd. company is recently dealing with the clients and supplying our products and digital advertising equipments all over the world. Through the support of our online sales, distributors in different countries and sister company in the Philippines which owns a large group and one of the top supplier since 1998.We also carrying and promoting our own brand TJET which is certified and registered globally.We have our branch factory as well located in Manila Philippines and in Sao Paulo Brazil. Our management and team are working in full force and have a positive outlook to take effect our mission and to achieve our vision. Each staff has spontaneous trainings and supervision and each department is working as a team in order to meet the policy standard of the company.We are also legally protecting our PRE-SALES SERVICE and AFTER SALES SERVICE through the support of our Legal Counsel,Quality Control and Technical Department. The reason why we gained the Loyalty of our existing clients and kept on obtaining the trust of our inward clients.