LAser engraving machines

glitter Laser Engraving Machine

Has three main parts laser tube, controller and the surface. The laser tube wattage depends on the client requirements and thickness of the materials needs to be cut. 

glitter Router Engraving Machine

Product Ideas
Plaques and Trophies, Keychains, Clocks, Signage.

glitter Metal and Nonmetal laser cutter

Type of laser tube: Sealed co2 glass laser tube      Cooling mode: Water-cooling and protection system

Glitter Auto Tracking Router

Spindle power: 3.2Kilowatts water-cooled spindle Applicable Materials: Wood, Stone, Marble, Granite, Soft Metal, Acrylic.

glitter Laser Engraving Machine

Type of Laser: Carbon Dioxide  Laser Power: 80W-100W 


The machine is mainly for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, and other metal materials.