Glitter Massive

This printer uses Konica heads and good for outdoor printing. It is known having heavy duty print head, printer body and parts! Same with other machines, all our 3.2 meter machines have 2 in 1 feeding system and infrared heater.

Product Ideas
Campaigns Banners, Posters, Display Photos, Stickers, Portraits, Signages, Leaflets, Wallpapers.

Detailed Specification:

Model GKM324 (available in 4 and 8 heads)
Print Head Konica 42PL
Ink Solvent
Usable Materials Vinyl,Flex,Polyester,Backlit,Window Film
Color Mode CMYK
Table Width 3.4m
Print Width 3.2m
Printer Dimension 0.9m (W)* 1.33m (H)* 4.32m (L)
Resolution 1440dpi
Machine Size 4.9m (L) * 1.0m (W) *1.47m (H)
Machine Weight 890kg
Rip Software Ultraprint, Photoprint 10
Print Speed
High Speed
45m2/hr (4 heads)
90m2/hr (8 heads)
Print Speed
Medium Speed
30m2/hr (4 heads)
60m2/hr (8 heads)
Print Speed
Standard Speed
20m2/hr (4 heads)
40m2/hr (8 heads)
Heating System Three stage heating including Back and Front Heating
Working Environment Temp. 22-28 C Humidity: 40%-70%
Control Station Windows 7, XP
Operational Voltage AC220V 50/60HZ
Interface USB 2.0

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